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Route 11 Jingle

By Rhodes Tavern Troubadours

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Sometimes when you are writing songs, sudden inspiration strikes and a song just falls in your lap. That's exactly what happened when The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours were recording our debut album, On The Red Line, in 2002. During a break in the studio we were enjoying some barley pops and Route 11 Chips. Jack was snacking on a bag of his favorites - Barbeque, and Jake and Mark were knee deep in some Lightly Salted when the muse struck. "These are perfect!" "How can one little bag taste so big?" We quickly ran back into the studio, laid down a Johnny Cash train beat and let the chip testimonial pour out on to tape. The song wrote itself in ten minutes and ten years later we're still hooked on Route 11 chips.
-- Jake Flack, Rhodes Tavern Troubadours
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