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Love Mail

Your Salt & Vinegar chips are by far the best I鈥檝e ever had! Amazing! I will never buy another brand again. When I want that zing from a potato chip, yours will be the first ones I put into my shopping cart. It鈥檚 not like me to have enlightenment from eating a potato chip, but that鈥檚 exactly what happened. Where have you been my whole life? Keep up the good work, and rest assured, I will make sure I tell everyone I know what brand stands above and beyond the rest, Route 11 Potato Chips!
Thanks again.
A dedicated customer

I just wanted to let you guys know you are doing a great job and producing some of the best potato chips out on the market. I love, love, love your lightly salted chips. They are so simple, and yet so delicious. No one else can even come close to your chips! Keep up the good work.
K. R.

I had my first bag of your chips today after I picked up a bag of Mama Zuma鈥檚 Revenge Habanero Chips in Washington, DC today. Being 28 years old, I鈥檝e tried my share of flavors and brands of potato chips in my day. I must compliment you that these may be the best chips I鈥檝e ever had. Everything from the flavor to the crispiness to the level of spiciness was spot on. I truly believe you may have created the perfect potato chip!
S. M.

I was at the commissary today, saw your display and decided to try a bag. They are really the best I鈥檝e had and I鈥檝e been a Herrs fan. I bought the lightly salted type, feel a bit less guilty eating them. Just had to let you know you have a grand product.
Thank you very much,

I鈥檝e got to tell you that the Sweet Potato Chips are the best chips I鈥檝e ever had! They鈥檙e perfect and delicious.

I consider myself a potato chip connoisseur. They have been my favorite snack food for as long as I can remember. I always love trying locally produced products when I get the chance. I picked up a small bag of your lightly salted chips at Brown Bag in DC with my sandwich. I can simply say that they are the best chips I have ever eaten. They have no equal period. I found the full size bags at Balducci鈥檚 and have shared them with everyone I know who loves potato chips. They all agree that they are the best chips they have ever tried. Congratulations! You have helped me conclude my life long quest to find the perfect potato chip.

I am eating, or trying to eat my first bag of MamaZuma鈥檚 Revenge habanero chips. I am a hot food lover. Few commercial hot foods are hot enough, let alone too hot for me. But I coughed, started sweating and acquired a burning mouth after two of your chips. Wow, these are seriously major league, five-alarm, hair-on-fire blisteringly HOT! Thank you for making a quality product.
I should not have ignored the warning label on the back of the bag.
T. T.

Just thought I鈥檇 drop you a line to let you know that your Barbecue potato chips are awesome! They are hands-down the best I have ever tasted! Keep up the good work!
D. L.

I have traveled all over the world. I have eaten many chips in my time, even homemade chips. Your chips are the best I have ever eaten. I love your Crab Chips. I will only in the future buy Route 11 chips. Thank you for making a very enjoyable chip.
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