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Sustainability Mission

Route 11s New Facility

Route 11's new facility in Mount
Jackson, VA, built in 2008

In 2008, we built a new facility in Mt. Jackson, VA specifically for making our potato chips. We integrated as many green principles as we could into its design. We didn鈥檛 cut down any trees during our construction, however as part of our landscape design planted dozens. Our building faces south for optimal sunlight and warmth in the winter months, and we have a white membrane roof that reflects the sunlight and heat in the summer. We have lots of natural light, energy efficient windows, and our own water pre treatment system. We even recover the dirt from the potatoes and make topsoil out of it.

Our goal is to be a waste free facility. We鈥檙e down to one dumpster pick up every two weeks (and it鈥檚 a very small dumpster!).

Here鈥檚 how we do it:

All potato peelings and rejected potato chips are given to a local farmer, a 陆 mile down the road from us. His herd of cattle loves Route 11 Potato Chips.

We are maniacal recyclers: Cardboard, plastic, metal and glass.

Our used oil heats our 2,500 sq foot maintenance shop. When we've got extra, we sell it to local folks who make bio diesel out of it.

We recycle heat using a heat exchanger on our cooker exhaust.

This is how we warm our kitchen in the winter.

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