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Create Your Own Chip & Dip Kit

Only $45!

Send your favorite chip connoisseur their own potato chip party in a box. You choose any 4 flavors of our delicious chips and then 2 dip mixes to complete the kit. Picking a variety of chips is encouraged. Comes in a cool and fun box!

Step 1:
Choose First Chip Flavor
Step 2:
Choose Second Chip Flavor
Step 3:
Choose Third Chip Flavor
Step 4:
Choose Fourth Chip Flavor
Step 5:
Choose First Dip Flavor
Step 6:
Choose Second Dip Flavor
Total: $0.00

Choose First Chip Flavor

12oz Barbeque

12oz Chesapeake Crab

12oz Dill Pickle

12oz Yukon Gold Chips

12oz Lightly Salted Chips

12oz Sour Cream and Chive Chips

12oz Salt N Vinegar Chips

12oz Mama Zuma's Revenge Chip

12oz Salt and Pepper

12oz No Salt Chips
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