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Quality Statement

Unhurried Potatoes

How the Mass Producers Do It

In the world of potato chips, Route 11 is at the very opposite end of the chip spectrum from the mass produced varieties. The super industrialized chip factories have to focus on making an absolute uniform product. When producing at such high volumes and high speeds, uniformity is imperative, with the end result being a thin and flat style chip. A chip stripped of its original potato character. This style of manufacturing is called continuous frying.

Here at Route 11, we consider ourselves traditionalists when it comes to cooking potato chips. We cook in small batches. This cooking style takes more time, but give us the opportunity to create a chip that is undoable on a larger scale. Our methods and high quality ingredients make an exceptional chip with uncommon character. In our opinion, a great chip has a good crunch, without being too hard. A nice golden color and a body with plenty of curl are a must. With every crunch, potato flavor bursts forth.

Our Kitchen

Route 11's New Facility photo:
Our kitchen.

Everyday, our staff works diligently to maintain the high standards of production that we have established for ourselves over the years. We use only the best ingredients — such as 100% expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil and all-natural, unrefined Real Salt. We don鈥檛 take short cuts. We opt to take our time to produce a very unique potato chip. Yep, unhurried potatoes. We鈥檙e also sticklers for cleanliness. Our entire production facility is steam cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis. More than one industry inspector has quipped, that they could enjoy a meal off of our floor.

Potato Delivery

The owners and staff of Route 11 Potato Chips truly believe there is a big picture. Quality is not just reserved for a potato chip or a bag of potato chips or even an entire truckload of potato chips. We believe we are accountable for insuring quality in every aspect of our existence as a company. We also strive to contribute to the quality of life of our families, friends and community, because if we don鈥檛, what鈥檚 the point?

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